Premier Klercide 70/30 IPA

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Premier Klercide 70/30 IPA


  • Blend of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol with water for injection (WFI) or deionized water, based on the component chosen
  • The alcohol blend is 0.2 micron filtered, filled and double bagged in a Grade C (ISO Class 7) cleanroom and irradiated at no less than 25 kGy to ensure spore free alcohol
  • Available as trigger sprays and capped bottles


EN 1276
EN 1650
Bactericidal and Fungicidal
EN 13697

Trigger sprays

  • Available as 500ml, 1.0L and 4.0L spray bottles
  • Spray bottles use patented SteriShield Delivery System that ensures sterility of biocide is preserved throughout use.
  • The fully adjustable trigger spray allows the liquid to be dispensed as either a jet or fine spray enabling thorough wetting of the surface for effective disinfection


  • Available as 5.0L capped bottles
  • Shelf-life: 2 years. Certificates of analysis available with every batch.
  • Full supporting documentation is available for this product.

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